The grandMA3, this console is available for YOU at Light Specials. Proud to say that Light Specials is one of the first in the Netherlands who invested in the grandMA3 desks and processor units. Stay up to date by following our social media and keep an eye on the website.

We also have MA Processing Units available M + L, ask for avalibility!

Founded on the legacy of the previous grandMA consoles, the grandMA3 represents a re-think of what’s possible from a lighting control platform. The new system-architecture incorporates new fixture, feature and effect-handling.

Work without any boundaries with the grandMA3. It breaks limitations of Local Area Networks (LAN) with the ability to access Wide Area Networks (WAN). Using the advanced MA-Net3 protocol, grandMA3 systems can output up to 250,000 parameters.

The grandMA3 full-size and light models incorporate an elegant design, transferring heat to a cooling corridor. The lightweight chassis has been designed for durability and easy handling.

The grandMA3 control software utilizes a flexible new fixture concept, developed to replicate the real-world physical components of the most complex fixtures. All features of the new fixture concept are generic, allowing intuitive control of all possible fixtures.

Light Specials invested in the grandMA3 full-size, light and processing units M and L. It’s possible to run the grandMA3 processing unit with the grandMA2 console.